Openclaims joins ADAS Alliantie

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (in short: ADAS) contribute to road safety, sustainability and good traffic flow. The ADAS Alliantie, a partnership of more than 55 organizations, is committed to promoting the adoption, awareness and safe use of these systems. Openclaims will join this partnership as of September.

Adas post

The ADAS Alliantie consists of various organizations that each contribute from their own background and expertise to the common goal: safer and more sustainable traffic with a better flow in the Netherlands. Openclaims joins the ADAS Alliantie, which consists of sector associations such as BOVAG and the Dutch Association of Insurers, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and many others.

Strength in numbers

“As a software provider for insurers and lease companies, Openclaims supports parties in the smart distribution of damages to the right body shop. These parties use our platform as a basis for collecting data on all these damages and their repair. From this collaboration with the ADAS Alliantie, we look forward to using our software to contribute to safer and more sustainable traffic in the Netherlands ”, says Stephan Stergiou, CEO of Openclaims.

A positive result for all involved

Stergiou: “ADAS contribute to safer traffic and fewer accidents, which in turn has a positive effect on the claims burden of insurers and leasing companies. With the help of our platform, insurers and leasing companies can smarly distribute car damages to the body shop that is most fit to repair this specific damage. In this way, the claim costs remain as low as possible and customers receive the correct information from the body shop”.

“More than 55 organizations are now active in the ADAS Alliantie, all of which are related to ADAS in one way or another. These are not only well-known industry associations, but also, for example, bodyshops, training institutes, data providers and governments. All these organizations support our objective and have their own role in promoting the safe use of ADAS. New parties are still joining, including Openclaims. We are happy with that. ” said Paul Molenaar, chairman of the ADAS Alliantie.

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