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Drive customer satisfaction and minimize process and repair costs by digitalizing claims and repair workflows.

  • 50 % reduction of claims and repair handling costs
  • 5 % reduction of repair costs
  • +15 points on driver NPS score
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Create touchless claims and repair processes

The Openclaims platform allows you to create and optimize your own digital claims and repair processes. Lower your claims and repair handling costs as a driver for the competitive advantage of your insurance products.

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Touchless claims / repair 650 x 400
Define business rules for repair allocation - 650 x 400

Have full control over repair costs

Constantly optimize repair costs by intelligent, data-driven distribution of claims to the most optimal body shop partner.

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Create a fully branded customer experience

Offer your clients an end-to-end, branded claims and repair experience creating brand loyalty and trust.

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Create branded customer journey 650 x 400

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