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AkzoNobel chooses the Openclaims platform for its damage processes

AkzoNobel, global paint supplier to the automotive industry, has chosen the Openclaims platform for the development of a new service to its Acoat Selected-partners. This service, ‘the Digital Intake’, offers a fully digital process for the acceptance and handling of car damages to body repair shops that are AkzoNobel customers.

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Time saving of at least fifteen minutes

Normally, a customer pays a visit to the body shop for an inspection of the damage to their vehicle. As the Openclaims SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform facilitates a fully digital intake process, this is a thing of the past. Customers can now report their damage from the comfort of their own home. In addition to the benefits for the customer, this also offers benefits for the body shops themselves, as they are no longer being disturbed in their daily activities and and receive all damage reports in a structured and uniform manner in their own environment in the Openclaims platform. From this platform environment, the body shop employee can automatically arrange all communication and make additional agreements with the customer. This saves significant time and reduces the administrative burden.

No more double manual work thanks to smart integrations.

Because the Openclaims platform is integrated with back-office systems such as Delta / W, iBoss and Carbeat, double input work is a thing of the past. Damages reported online by customers can easily be exported to these systems and can be scheduled immediately. “Double input work – and with it the chance of errors! – is therefore a thing of the past”. says Sander Knip, Country Cluster Manager Vehicle Refinishes at AkzoNobel. “And another important upside: the Digital Intake can also be used as an extra service to partners of bodyshops, such as dealers or intermediaries.”

Modern solutions for modern challenges

The Digital Intake, as AkzoNobel has put the developed process on the market, has been developed on the Openclaims SaaS platform, which is used by repair companies, insurers and lease companies, among others. “We have long seen a need for smarter, digital, damage repair solutions,” explains Martine Dietvorst, Head of Operations at Openclaims. “The corona crisis only emphasizes this need and has made the need even more obvious.” Due to the flexibility and wide possibilities that the Openclaims platform offers, the development of a digital intake for AkzoNobel was done in no time.

Perfect basis

“The Openclaims SaaS platform provides the perfect basis for the Digital Intake. We are pleased to be working with this young, flexible company that has a broad knowledge of the bodyshop. This way we can quickly offer a product that matches the demand that comes from our current and new users. ” Says Sander Knip from AkzoNobel.