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Carmeleon digitalizes the claims process with the Openclaims platform

Carmeleon, specialist in insurance and financing in the automotive sector is partnering with Openclaims to increase the quality of service in relation to the damage repair process. With the Openclaims platform, Carmeleon is opting for an end-to-end solution for all types of damage and in doing so, expects to further strengthen the proposition to its affiliated partners.

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Carmeleon has built up a portfolio where the policies are concluded through dealerships in the automotive sector. Just like Carmeleon, these dealerships strive for a high level of service to the customer, especially when there is damage to a vehicle. It is therefore important to provide customers with clear, user-friendly products. This is based on an efficient and fully digital way of working.

By partnering with Openclaims, Carmeleon is taking the next step.

Fully digital claims settlement on behalf of Carmeleon partners

With the use of Openclaims software, Carmeleon realizes its commitment to efficiency and digitization in the settlement of car damages. The platform facilitates the process of damage reporting through a smart digital intake up to and including steering to the right repair shop and ensures an optimal exchange of information at the same time.

“By letting the Openclaims platform serve as a basis for our claims process, we are able to always offer our customers a clear and fast process in the event of damage. What’s important is that the damaged vehicle is repaired safely and as quickly as possible. The partnership with Openclaims not only leads to faster claims settlement, but more importantly, provides a more pleasant process for our customers. A win-win partnership.”

Openclaims is also extremely pleased with the partnership with Carmeleon, a company mainly active within the automotive sector. “Carmeleon is constantly devising new, innovative solutions and in doing so, always puts the customer first. It feels good to collaborate with a party that is so much on the same page in terms of vision,” says Evert Jan Stagge, CCO at Openclaims.

The partnership between Carmeleon and Openclaims starts officially at the beginning of July.