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Schadegarant digitalizes repair process with Openclaims SaaS platform

Schadegarant, the organization that handles vehicle body repair on behalf of various leading Dutch insurers, has integrated its platform “eXchange” with the SaaS platform of Openclaims. This means that customers of affiliated insurers will soon be able to handle the repair of car damages digitally. Within a few clicks, the insured can report the damage, make an appointment for repair and monitor the progress with track and trace functionality. Through their collaboration with Openclaims, Schadegarant aims to increase the service level towards its partners in insurance and body repair.

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“Schadegarant has taken the good references from the insurance sector, and from the TPA sector in particular, into account when choosing for the Openclaims platform,” says Frank van Donk, Director at Schadegarant. “By using the platform, in particular the “Smart Steering Engine” within our process, we expect to simplify claims and repair handling at insurers. On top of this, the platform makes it easier to refer policyholders to our body repair network.

The Openclaims platform adds a new dimension to the existing Schadegarant repair process. Customers can directly enter personal and damage details in an online environment that is labelled according to the look-and-feel of the insurer. A special photo module makes it possible for the insured to add photos of the damage. This information is then automatically linked to a case on Schadegarant’s eXchange platform. The integration between the two platforms allows for the creation of complete cases including damage photos for every reported damage. The body repair shop can immediately plan a repair date without a separate intake appointment, immediately saving time for both parties. Next to that, the repair process starts sooner and the insured is constantly up-to-date on the progress of the repair.

Through the integrations of the core software systems of Schadegarant and its partners in insurance with the Openclaims SaaS platform, an optimal exchange of information is achieved. This results in a great deal of efficiency in their processes, particularly for insurers and TPA’s.

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