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Stern streamlines claims process with the Openclaims SaaS platform

Openclaims, the SaaS platform for claims and repair management, is starting delivery of its software to Stern, one of the Netherlands’ major automotive concerns. By using the Openclaims platform, Stern continues to commit to digitalization and improvement of its services to customers, dealers and body repair shops.

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Stern represents eighteen car brands, offers vehicles from these brands through a variety of services, and in this way, serves a broad customer base. The Openclaims platform provides Stern with the tools to better support its customers in case of damage to a vehicle. For Openclaims, the partnership with Stern is an important moment. With this, the scale-up presents itself even more emphatically as SaaS supplier on the automotive market.

Better service and more control over the claims flow

By providing its software, Openclaims gives Stern the opportunity to offer its customers a fully digital and uniform process from damage claim to distribution within its own network of body shops. In addition to a faster and clearer process for the customer, this digital way of reporting and distributing damages also leads to a better control of the claims flow and can easily be set up at a later time by means of filtering on the basis of brand recognition or complexity. On the one hand, this means that Stern customers are completely unburdened and, on the other hand, the claims process can be set up more efficiently.

“By using the Openclaims platform for our claims settlement, all claims come in, in the same way and with a complete claim file. This ensures that we can collect a significant amount of data and therefore align the process even better with the wishes of our customers,” says Guus Baris, Director Damage Repair at Stern.

Mick Steffens, Openclaims’ Head of Sales, also says he is delighted with the collaboration with one of the most prominent automotive companies in the Netherlands. “Stern has long been one of the most progressive automotive groups in the Netherlands and of course we are very proud that they chose our platform. In addition to being an important customer for us, this also shows that our solutions are increasingly in line with developments and demand within the automotive market.”

The partnership between Openclaims and Stern starts officially on 22 November 2021.