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Customer Interaction Suite

Provide your customers with a seamless claims and repair journey. A digital-first process for an exceptional customer experience.

Digital, branded eFNOL for consumers to report a claim

Have your clients report claims digitally in your online, branded environment. Create and optimize your question sequence and create answer-based logic to support each type of claim.

CIS 01
CIS 02

Track-and-trace environment for full transparency of claim status

Give your clients full insight into every step of the claims process. Avoid status calls to your customer service department and optimize the customer experience.

Create and manage consumer touchpoints throughout the journey

Easily optimize customer experience by creating and optimizing touchpoints via e-mail, text, or Whatsapp.

Create and manage consumer touchpoints 650 x 400
Collect data on customer interaction 650 x 400

Analyze every detail of your customer interaction

Get full insight into data on every aspect of your customer journey with the integrated dashboard. It’s the basis for agile optimization.

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Free white paper: How to deal with increasing complexity in vehicle body repair

How can your organization arrange high-quality and safe repair while keeping repair and associated process costs under control? Our white paper provides an overview of how increased vehicle complexity affects body repair and offers concrete guidelines for dealing with these developments.

  • Insights in the effect of new technology on vehicle repair complexity
  • Clear guidelines for dealing with these developments as an insurer or fleet owner
Vehicle complexity front